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Good News - Sober Housing Expanded !

Thanks to funding from the State of Ohio ODMHAS and the Franklin County ADAMH Board, the House of Hope added two new sober houses. We now have four Sober Houses providing long-term housing for 26 men seeking a safe environment to recover in the city of Columbus.

Mission Statement

The House of Hope provides alcohol and other drug treatment services to those who are most in need, so that they may maximize their potential, become productive members of society, and enjoy those gifts of life that are available in sobriety.

Vision Statement

The House of Hope is the premier organization providing leadership and service in our community and state on alcohol and other drug abuse issues.

Abstinence-Based Recovery

Alcohol and drug addictions are primary, chronic and progressive diseases. Addiction may ultimately be fatal if left untreated.  With appropriate treatment, progression may be interrupted and ongoing recovery begun.  This concept is supported by the American Medical Association, the U.S. Public Health Service and professionals in the treatment field.

Abstinence is the primary treatment goal for any client receiving services at all House of Hope programs.  “Abstinence” means total avoidance of drinking alcohol, using illicit drugs or prescription drugs illicitly.  Prescription drugs prescribed by a physician and used under a physician’s care are exceptions.

Program Service Accomplishments

Based on data collected from client surveys using the Addictions Severity Index and reported to the Franklin County ADAMH Board for Quality Improvement reporting - from October 2009 to November 2010 the House of Hope provided Outpatient and Long-term Residential Alcohol and Drug treatment to 343 individuals, 23% women and 77% men. At the conclusion of their treatment, 89% reported a decrease in problems and/or impairment from substance use. In addition 87% of those served reported that they had experienced a decrease in psychological distress, 84% reported an increase in functioning and quality of life.


The House of Hope, Inc. is certified by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services. The staff providing services is caring and experienced in the field of chemical dependency. All clinicians are licensed by the State of Ohio.

Cost of Treatment

The House of Hope, Inc. is funded by the Franklin County ADAMH Board, the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, the Columbus Foundation, the Franklin County Department of Jobs and Family Services, the United Way and generous private donors. Client payment is based on a sliding fee scale.   Most of our clients qualify for no or reduced charges for our services.

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